Hierro's kinect plugin vvith beta26

i’v been testing the latest hierro plugin in beta26, it looks like vvvv can’t visualize the textures, this is the error tty render reports in loop:
00:00:26 * : couldn’t draw vertexbuffer. E_FAIL
But… by using a pipet is possible to analyze the texture data and get the colors out.
the attacched patch shovvs this behaviour, put it in the hierro’s plugin folder and run it.

also the previous versions and the phlema version is acting the same vvay.

debug-bug.v4p (23.4 kB)

This plugin need to be recompiled with latest VVVV libs. You can use @phlegma plugin, that new build is avialable on SVN. Wondering why it’s not in addonpack.

Is it possible for anyone to recompile it, or does Hierro have to?

I’m gonna need it soon :)

hierro have to, but atm he’s on vacations i think

i’m sorry this error is not caused by the plugin, i managed to load some hierro’s version on another computer with beta26, the problem seem related to this https://discourse.vvvv.org/

maybe try opening the xml files in the /data folder and check paths. Glad it’s working in general though- I really prefer this one of all the kinect plugs so far.

@everyoneishappy thanks but my problem is this https://discourse.vvvv.org/