Hiding an inactive user Silhouette (Kinect, OpenNI)


i’m using a kinect for a project. And i’m using OpenNI’s User node to get the silhouette of the user, I was wondering if there is any way to make the user silhouette disappear if inactive(if the player stays still for 2 seconds or more the silhouette must disappear) for a given period of time say about 2 to 3 seconds? and then re-appear when the user is active again?

has any one done this before?


use it as a texture, put it on a quad and disable it (or make the alpha = 0) to make it invisible.

you can check for movement using the framediffenrence(texture) connected to a histogram(texture) connectet do a > and tuning the values.

should be quite easy.

to track presence or not use trautner.

setspread (color) may also help you, you can choose the user you want to display.
if you want just one user to be displayed, make a count of 5:
input: black, and the offset of setspread is your user.

then is trautner see nobody, you can change the offset or make all users black, so the silhouette would be disappeared

Thanks Until and gundorf for the feedback i’ll give it a shot and get back to ya’ll