Hide the frame of the render window

Hithere ! is it possible to hide the frame of the render window (EX9) saying DirectX Renderer ?
That would be awesome since it would also take away the possiblity that the render window is scaleable at all times, which can lead to unwanted results if anyone changes the aspect ratio by mistake…

Also it would be awesome if it would be possible to give the render window a name just like the VVVV node changes the name in the taskbar…

Cheers Jannis

you can set the size of any window with the window node :)

i have to admit that the help patch does not seem to be updated for the latest version - create a HWND node, connect to the Window node. input the title of your renderer and you should be able to control it.

being able to change the window title and border styles is a good idea.

give the renderer a descriptive name via inspektor. now that should show up in the title bar.

the hidden feature strg+8 on windows unfortunately doesn’t work on ex9renderers at the moment (as i just tested) and isn’t saved anyway.

strg-8 works to get rid of the windows borders…
i use version 13