Hidding causes destroying patch?

hi , I m sure it must be ( once again ) a newbie question…
but when I hide my patch, sometimes I can’t retrieve it ( it do not no more take care of alt 3 or 2 or 1) , and closing vvvv causes a total desappearing of all the work done. neither back up nor v4p files show anything. they have a weight of 22ko.
If i try to reopen this, I have blank or no window.
it happended to be 3 times and of course while finishing a “complex” one…
any nice and subtile advice about this ?

thanks !

back up and back up often. I’ve had this happen to me many many many times. don’t know why at all.

It used to happen MUCH more. especially when I moved around a lot of nodes or did an Undo.

ai karistouf, if the files have 22kb there should be a way to repair them. you can open the .v4p file in a texteditor. with a little understanding of xml you should be able to see whats wrong.

or post one of them here.

just curious does this happen for you when you work with the RS232 node?

hello all.
first hello jored and thanks to the vvvv crew. really. its a great software !
i completeley agree with 00011000 but I would like really to know how to avoid it ( saving multiple version of a same patch).
sounds a bug…
i m a bit worried about this problem and would like to understand it, because way of working with a patch is not at all the same way as in C… everything can desappear !

this problem happened to me with AND without subpatches.

is there any way to include a node function LOCK in a patch than passing thruth the menus ?

RS232: no, in my patch I have only a special thing that was the texctrlfade.fx from kalle.

nodes used are:
renderer gx9
wich are quiet basic …

and of course io/value and strings…

i m more on the opinion that doing a alt-1 or 2 or 3 in a certain way (pointing window of the patch ?) creates this deseapearing patches that no more shows up… like if you patch window disappear, as you can t no more selected you, you can t no more get it back to front .
it could be great to have something to forces them to show up once again, as 22ko is not nothing…
when a patch disappear like this it neither show itself in root window.

I have tried with openexeed already, nothing shows up from an xml back up .
its strange that finaly its in note pad you can edit. but thanks for the tip !
can you explain Bounds height ? and NODE hiddenwhenlocked=“1”?

I’m guessing Hiddenwhenlocked is making nodes invisible when you lock them??

just a guess

you hide nodes and links with ctrl+h

i think you are damn’ right…

after a quick look, as suggested by jored, hiddenlocked=“1” is not present on all my back up. And I suspect in fact this properties to be said to each node …
neither visible=1 is present every time.
is there any doc to just globaly know the way to save patches and how to add or modify those patch with note pads ?

helo karistouf, sory for late,

we do have known problems of patches being lost. but actually that happens rather seldom. usually the patch is only corrupted and can easily be repaired in a texteditor.

if you have such a patch, that won’t open post it here, so we can have a look at it. also note, that Render (TTY) will show an errormessage pointing you to the line/character that is troubled in the .v4p file.

the bounds are given in twips, which are pixel*15 (with standard 96 dpi monitor settings)

as 01 pointed out, hiddenwhenlocked is only set when you have marked a node/link as such with ctrl+h.

also note the difference between alt+3 and ctrl+w: alt+3 hides the window of a node, while ctrl+w closes/deletes the node, corresponding to the window. like this the window is closed and its corresponding node is removed from the patch.

thanks jored. the renderer is DX9.
the problem occurs ( i m very carrefull now) with only alt-3. no ctrl-H or W around.
alt-3 closes sometimes the patch itself when renderer is hidden.
it gives in my patch hiddenwhenlocked==1 and chaging it in 0 enables to get back visually the patch. perhaps I have clicked on the patch, and itself is considered as a node ( bi m a newbye in vvvv, soory if i m saying wrong but for me the origin of this bug is there)

physical desappearing of the patch is:
a vvvv icon in window down bar, but nothing showing up, neither with alt 1 or 2. a little something visual happens, like a window trying to show up ,and diseapear.
I m under XP SP2

if it happens again, i will with pleasure send you the file !!!

sincerely yours, christoph

ok this time all my patch desapear…


princesse_lecteur_deformation_4sources.v4p (1.6 kB)

and old file in xml…

its quite a certain “angoisse” while going around

princesse_lecteur_deformation_4sources.xml (15.4 kB)