Hi Res video feedback Overhead

Hi All

as some of you already know I work a lot with video feedback.

I can see from the change log that there are some improvements on excactly this area on it’s way, but I ask the question anyway, since the performance might not be affected.

When I perform, I like to run my feedback loops in the same resolution as the main renderer.

I have noticed that with really high resolution (31280720) feedback loops, using queue and dx9texture, I get a framerate drop. but lately I have begun wondering why it is so. Doesn’t the feedback loop take place exclusively on the GPU? and if the GPU has plenty of ram shouldn’t it be really quick? I mean it shouldn’t have to move the textures around much and GPU memory is really fast.

or am I not understanding it right


Queue does take quite alot GPU when I set it to higher values. In 720p50 I can not go higher than 32 frames, then framerate drops. Than it takes more than 60 % gpu. Is there any workaround if you need multiple buffers around 2-3 seconds?

I just need one frame of buffering, so it shouldn’t be too much for the gpu since it has plenty of memory. I need to test the new framedelay for textures that might be better performing.