Hi everyone. I have a renderer problem?(SOLVED)

Hi everyone I want to ask you a question. I cant even render a text. I insert an EX9 Text Node and a EX9 renderer But I cant see the output text at the renderer window. It says “layer is needed” What may be my problem.
Thank you…

do you have slimdx installed? see downloads for installation instructions.

Yes I have downloaded it. It worked well until last night. Last night suddenly It started not to work. By the way I cannot reach to download page of SLIMDX. I think there is a problem with the website of SLIMDX

i can reach the site. maybe that your DNS has temporary problems.

but when you had it working the day before, this will hardly be the problem.

Now its ok. I have downloaded and installed SlimDX again and the problem has gone. Thank you for your help.Regards,