Hi everybody + OSC question

First of all, hi to everybody, Kalle and the rest of the gang.

I was busy, but summer just ends, so I back to get my hands dirty with vvvv, it wasn’t be easy, was like to buy an awesome new car just before travel :P

So, after working a bit more on my hexagonal sequencer on vvvv, I found that MIDI is not as precise as I want to be, so I just decided to use vvvv as my virtual interface also for computing data but, using an external application to create midi notes at the precise time, vvvv will compute all some milliseconds before, so when time to send note arrives, external application will have note data, and will send them at precise MIDI time.

So my question now is, should I use OSC, now I don’t have huge precision so MIDI could work also. Also I have no experience with OSC.

Doe’s OSC can exchange data on two apps on the same computer? or it is just to use between two different computers?

Any link to some reading is very appreciated.

Best to everybody!

PS: I produced two new videos I want to share with you:

Wii+VrGloves+e.Drums+Live Performance

making that Body Language sound - Ableton Live Tutorial video

Hi gbravettie,

I would use OSC for sure. It has advantages in interoperabitiy, accuracy, flexibility, and organization.

Read this great PDF.

Yes OSC can work between two apps on the same computer.

Cool videos, thanks

check my videos http://vimeo.com/user1166497/videos

i use whe wiimote plugin made by a user of this forum that works great + midiyoke , once you have the info on midiyoke you can read it from any other app
i was able to send midi signal from the ipod touch by osc to vvvv, from vvvv to midiyoke and from midiyoke to resolume2.4 and ableton live 6 and it works without dealyt

Thanks for your answers, I will go for OSC then, nice vids vjc4!