Help with vvvvjs

hi there I started messing around with vvvvjs on my server but I am getting the following error

Oh gosh, can't initialize WebGL. If you're on Chrome, try launching like this: chrome.exe --ignore-gpu-blacklist . If you're on Firefox 4, go to page about:config and try to set webgl-force-enable to true.

I tried what they say but it doesn t change anything…

Here is my code:


I scream for ice cream


var patch;
var mainloop;
$(document).ready(function() {


patch = new VVVV.Core.Patch("demo.v4p", function() {
mainloop = new VVVV.Core.MainLoop(this);



I think you do have WebGL on, but maybe try this in your html body:

   <div > 
    <canvas id="patch" width="512" height="512"></canvas> 

hey io,

yeah, there shouldnt be the same id used twice in the document, so only give the canvas element the id=“patch”

another thing: i made a mistake on the page, its

initVVVV('../vvvv_js', 'full');

instead of just


have to fix that

… looks like we need a new box for html code…

ye, should be quotes of course. but what i wrote about initVVVV shouldn’t matter that much for you, because you’re including all scripts in your head anyway.

did the single id=“patch” work for you?

Hi yes of course the double ID was wrong, I was trying all possible solutions and got wild… then posted… anyway that was not the problem for sure

I received my new computer 3 hours before leaving for vacation so I won t be able to keep on with the vvvvjs for a few days…

but I ll be back soon…

i started an example folder in the master branch on github, which is checkedout here:

this should be a good starting point

I am back… so I can run the demo patch just fine but whenever i try to do something by my own it doesn t work,

here I recreated one of your new examples everything is properly linked, the patch is there, i checked the folder permissions they are correct: user to my user, group to wwww-data.




@sagishi : if you want I can create a user for you to ssh the files…


the problem was that my vvvv.js was different than yours…

ok now I can write pages in vvvv :)


Good that is sorted -was about to ask exactly that but you posted just as I was logging in.

Just wanted to say, very nicely done sir. And now I have started on learning javascript and it is all your fault :)

yes sagishi great stuff going on here, now we need to code a Drupal module for vvvv, that would secure great visibility world wide …

on a side note: i fixed the code box and also introduced three new supported languages: html (which is html4 strict), html5 and javascript. instead of starting your code block with code: you can write code(lang=javascript):. I edited io’s post to demonstrate.