Help with VL performance improvements

Hi Guys,

some time ago i developed a preset system for vvvv because i really had the need to save a load values to speed up the my workflow with vvvv.
The system takes advantage of kontroller functionality in vvvv to get and set values directly into the IOBoxes allows to save and load values from ioboxes into xml files and also morph between those settings.
I first developed in c# as it easier for me to work with. But as VL is the feature I thought about that this wasw a good ase and oportunity to finally get into it.
I manage to port it and really liked the workflow, it was easy to get and super helpful to apply oop and still have all the vvvv goodness on it.

The only thing is that the full system now is much more compute intensive than the vvvv/c# version so im probably doing something terrible there. Is there any VL master out there willing to look at it and see what could be improved?? I would really appreciate it.
I already shared this system as a contribution in vvvv but I would like to update the contribution build in VL.

You can find the source here:

Both versions VL and vvvv/c# in different folders

Appreciate any tips

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hei joao,

have to say i didn’t look too closely but 2 things:

  • kontrolleur got a successor: RabbitControl is already part of alpha builds and you see there is also already a vl contribution for it. this should already make things a lot easier since you can simply receive the exposed parameters from vvvv inside vl…
  • a reason i can see why your implementation may get slower with the number of exposed parameters is that update.parameter is constantly running for all parameters even while nothing is happening. also you’re constantly converting from string to value and back. stay inside vl and keep the actual values. you can also send them via osc directly from vl if that is what you want to do…

hope this helps a bit. let us know if you have any more particular questions…

Any progress on spreads in RCP.VL yet?