Help with stereographic in vvvv , red blue glases

i know the sterographic basics, but im not sure on how to transalate that into vvvv. this is my firtst aproach…

i want to create 2 cameras like the human eye, but im not sure if the look at node or the perspectie node its the one that i need to use, please check the example file

i will get the glases tomorow… but i already know that this is not rigth…

red blue stereoscopic aproach (21.1 kB)

hey. if i understand you right it calls anaglyph and you may find something here

woowwwww my bad, i was searching with the wrong name! but i was kind of on the rigth path :P

thank you bo27 ! i was sure that this was done on vvvv a long time ago!