Help with some logic: like, ... > for dates? (also, some RegExpr)

Hi, this should be something obvious, but I’m kinda stuck.

I’m working on a proof of concept thing which is some sort of infoscreen. I have a .txt file with all events for the season and I want to show the upcoming, say, five by using a GetSpread and then advancing through its Offset.

So far I’m comparing the event’s date with the current date, but obviously this skips through the list one day too early. Turning the dates into values and using > doesn’t work when the months are changing.

I guess I’m looking for a way to tell the patch to “Now, wait for the NEXT change to occur”…

Also… is there an elegant way to RegExpr “xx:xx” into “Now” , “xx/xx” into “Today”?

you could convert the dates into the date format, using eg. Gregorian (Astronomy Join) (days since jan 1st 1900) then you can do simple arithmetic operations on the dates and then convert back into human readable formats.

Try: time

Hej Sune,

:) Yup, that works. It had never occured to me to use Gregorian this way around. So, updated:


@bjoern: Uh, this is nice! (But, next time;)