Help with rigid bodies ode + Queue

im getting confuse on how to use the bodies ode from a mesh, well in this case its only spheres and boxes

im woking over blender project, so i can start with a base… i founding a few problems here, i dont know if this is normal or not, the working area of the balls seems to be the center vertex, and not the surface, no mather what size i give them, all the time half off the balls are inside the other bodies

and on the other hand, i want to know how to use the Queue funcion (i think is this one ) to create more balls with the click of a mouse over the existin geometry… the idea is to move the quad and when you click you create one or severals balls to see how they interact with the enviroment.

any tip will be appreciated

Blender.v4p (54.3 kB)