Help with register timestamps on timeline

Hello vvvv community,

I added a small extract of my project focusing on the task how to register timestamps of data on a timeline.
The timestamps in my case result from hundreds of incoming predefined time based data.
I´m a little desperate about this task and really doubtfull about my solution, because it does not seem stable and precise.

I did not find another solution other than putting an equal between timestamps and timeline hoping for a bang when the inputs hit the same value, but the timestamps do not seem to get registerd correctly.
And what about the epsilon, why does it not work when setting tolerance to 0? I mapped the data equally. (The indices of the timestamps proceed in chronological order)

I´m also not happy with using the frame delay, but it seems that vvvv needs an animation to get the timestamps data out of the spread, when connected to another animation, here LFO. Trying to make the whole spread registrable at the same moment. Without frame delay, only the first slice is registered.

For scientific research there should be a more precise approach.
In my case I also can´t find a way to work with the existing timeliner nodes.

I really would appreciate help with this. thanks sueniii

timestamps / timeline (6.7 kB)