Help with dubbing a interactive story (German language) - offtopic from vvvv

Hi my beloved comunity, i know this is out of place here but i know a lot of you is from Austria/Germany, and i need some natural speaker to read text (+/- 1A4). I am working on bachelor work (a lot of it i was prototyping in vvvv, but i transitioned to unity now) that will consist of 3 part story about entropy,
first part is about Ludwig Boltzmann -
man that devoted his whole life to science and philosophy and as i found out, was great teacher and person, unfortunately he took his own life due to depressions and health decline

i am from Slovakia and I am searching for a natural German speaker here but i havent found anyone rly suitable now, example of the text that u would read (oh yes it needs to be translated, but if u dont want to translate it, i will do it with someone else and just send a german version):

A consequence of probability theory - for any non-uniform distribution of states, no matter how improbable it may be, is still not absolutely impossible. Indeed it is clear that any individual uniform distribution, which might arise after a certain time from some particular initial state, is just as improbable as an individual non-uniform distribution; just as in the game of Lotto, any individual set of five numbers is as improbable as the set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

your voice would work as narator, (maybe i will stitch together few voices)

and this is example of visuals for which u would narate:

i would prefer a deeper voice, but i dont rly care, i will process it anyways, u will be credited but its totally non profit thing, so i cant promise you any financial offer, i am just asking you for halp
if any of you want to help please contact me at

hope its not too much to ask and you wont hate for posting this here :3

last part should be in russian language oooh gawd i dont know how i will find someone for that :)

Sounds interesting. I’m a professional actor. I’d do it if I can fit it in my agenda, and if it’s not too much of work. I’d rather not translate tough. :-) Here’s a million years old, verry crappy demo I did. The voice didn’t change much…

omg that would be great! :) demo sounds very suitable for this
can you please contact me or send me your email? as soon as i got it translated i would send u materials :3