Help with DMX and Slices

Well im having a hard time here with the slices…
i need to control 24 dmx led ligths, each of them have 4 chanels, r,g,b,dimer.
i tested this with one ligth and works exelent, the problem its that i dont know how to do the array to send all the 512 chanels, or how to shift the array one chanel up/down…

so i have the program of each ligth and the 4 output spread on a slider, i was able to make 3 of them on the same string with the setslice node, but i cant add a 4th one, i guess this is not the rigth way to do it,

and i the ligth is modified to a 5 chanel ligth i need to remake all the patch, so im sure this is not the rigth way to do it, please check the attach file

dmxC4.v4p (18.7 kB)

hi vjc4, yes there is a big mismatch here ;-)
first your dmx array is 516 and 512. second, insertslice is not the proper tool. Your patch is repeating them value on 516 channels ( use inspektor while working with spread to see wich values are modified).
See tutorial about spreads, you will have the idea more clear, and our dear friend west has done an excellent video tutorial about those topics also.

About DMX :

  • Do a virgin IO Box, colrow type, 512 col. This is your vigin array. Do not touch it.

*Use Setslice to modify values of this array. You will avoid a dmx array of 1548 slots instead of 512.

  • Each setslice is connected in cascade.

  • Connect a onchange(value) to send data.

Another manner would be to create little array ( for your devices) of 4 col ( not 56 ) , and do a cons(value) with them to create a bigger array.

Aka you have 5 devices, each one is a 4 array size, a cons node of 5 input, will output a 20 array.
Then do a cons of this and a virgin array of size ( 512 - count ): 492.

Listen too Karistouf, because he knows :)

You got me puzzled what was going on in your patch, where did the 516 slices come from, but you set the slicecount mode of your IOboxes to maximum, better not use that, that mode will remember the highest spreadcount.

I never used the Alpha channel as the 4th dimmer channel, but with a setalpha it can be easy to get your dimmers through the patch along with the colors.

Do you also want your 24 RGB lights to do some chasing, or do you just want to control them 1 by one?

Karistouf thanks a lot for the help, you are rigth the original patch was a little messy.
i set up the slide to maximun to create the 512 chanels on my array… even i wont be using all of them

here is the idea of what im doing, i have an array that i want to use as a @led screen@ from a video imput, in this example im using the webcam.

With the 4 chanels ligth i was able to do it, the one that im uploading on this post works just fine
the problem its that i dont know how to create 2 extra chanels on a 4 spread string to have a 6 spread string, and to multiply that 6 chanels string over my 512 chanel final string

please check the example file, i cant get how to use :cons: or stallone

ledarray.v4p (26.4 kB)

hi vjc4, my pleasure !
use a cons node receiving the vec4d join and a vec2d to output a 6x array per device. Cons is really your friend in such situation ( avoid doing a + and prefer to do a cons, especially to manage spreads contents)
or do a stallonne edited with inspecktor to input in it 6 values

West will surely with his shinny elegance propose one of his west tricks about that one ;-)

btw those are not string but values ( 0.0-1.0) you are manipulating.

stallone seems to be the way! :)

i think i got it… check this…

ledarray2.v4p (33.7 kB)