Help with boygroup

hi,I am a newby of I want to control 10 projetor by boygroup,but I dont know how to do it, ask for your help. thanks

Hi Keddyfun,

For a tonne of information on boygrouping. If you’re a newbie you should really start with the documentation. Boygrouping is easy once you know vvvv basics and a task like outputting to 10 projectors is an easy boygroup task.

If you haven’t done all the tutorials do these first and then have a go with boygrouping.

Good luck

and press F1 when you have selected a node and you get a help file on how the boygrouping nodes work. i guess most of us learned it that way.

no point in making you another boygrouping example.

thank you for giving me a reply.with your instruction , I have some ideas to do my project,but still have problems . I havnt known how the boygroup (client) node control the patchs run in the client and set the pin paramter of the node .

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