Help with AudioAnalysis

I am trying to use the AudioAnalysis to take live sound and distort a texture. I have now tried this 3 different ways. Each time I can watch as the logic works correctly. Every single one of my numbers changes exactly as it should, but, for whatever reason, the image (despite receiving the numbers it needs to distort properly) won’t distort properly. If I manually change the switch that the audio should be changing, everything works just fine. Something is not working between my AudioAnalysis and texture connection. The audio connected to my numerical values (not affecting the image) works just fine. The numerical values alone (not connected to the audio) changes the image perfectly. Something about the audio being connected with my image just will not work together. The AudioAnalysis patch is red, not the normal gray color. I assume this means I need some sort of plugin to make it work properly. If so, can anyone tell me which plugin and where I can get it?

audioProblem.v4p (9.3 kB)

There is a special node called splitAudioAnalysis that is used. Didn’t look too far into your patch, but see this…

audioProblem02.v4p (15.4 kB)

thanks that got it working properly