[help] serial communication: vvvv > Arduino > APA102 LEDs


trying to control neopixel led with arduino using your patch but no luck yet.
can you say what am i doing wrong?
and how do i specify which port is connected? right now i’m connected to 11

thank you

I cannot find the “RGB Color Picker Split” referenced in the vvvv_Serial_APA102.v4p file.
Ive tried searching for it in the beta_50 files with no luck, can you send it to me please?

@nnadavm @differ have a look at the attached patch. it is the one @robe uploaded above only with the missing RGB (Color Picker Split) replaced by native nodes.

vvvv_Serial_APA102.v4p (42.6 KB)

Bump on this thread!
The VL version is not working with the latest beta…
… Could some VL expert invetigate?

The VL nodes are red and the function are empty…

PS: Is VL so LOW level to talk directly to the serial port? The bottleneck of this system could be the RS232 node.

a change in the library moved some low level nodes into the DevLib, here is an updated version:
LEDBits VL (7.9 KB)

sure VL is a programming language, so in that sense it is as low or high level as its library. Serial port is actually one of the next additions to the vl library, have an eye on the changelog…

Thanks tonfilm!
Are you talking about this ?

Or there is a new serial node in VL?

yes, a new one that can directly be used in VL is one of our next library todos. but no dates on that yet…

Hi all. Where i can choose a my arduino pin in this patch?

@cooper72 you may want to start with the helppatch of the FirmataDevice node. or ask a more specific question in a new thread.

i saw that. And dont understand, how i need to connect raw data, to my arduino 6 digital pin/ he want another type of data

again: please start a new topic and try to use more words describing your problem. best attach a patch or at least a screenshot…