Help patch copied patch has missing nodes

I added VL.IO.PLY and VL.Stride dependencies.
I copied from HelpPatch the section : Render a PLY pointcloud
Pasted in my own patch.

The Draw node stays red

Even if I make a subpatch and copy-paste from the original subpatch, the node is filled with other missing red nodes…

Probably because you are missing the definition of the node?

I copied the definition of Draw in my own patch, but then there is another node which becomes red within the Draw node’s Definition…

This is a custom shader that comes with the help patch.

With the help patch open, press ALT + E, that will open an explorer window where the patch is located. There you will see a /shaders folder.

This folder contains the code for that custom shader you’re seeing. As per the documentation, for vvvv to pick up that shader, it has to be placed in a /shader folder next to your patch.

If you save your own patch somewhere and put that /shaders folder next to it, it should work.


Ok! it works now!
thank you!