Help needed calibrating kinect2 and projector

I’m trying to adapt Elliot Woods’ kinect projector workshop patch to work with the kinect2, but have got stuck with replacing the ‘viewworld’ node with something that will work with dx11 and the kienct2.

I would try making it from scratch using nodes in Image pack but Im getting red nodes with the x64 version, missing dlls and patches…


I’ve read on the forum that it’s possible to do it with the dx11.pointcloud pack and i’ve had a go at doing the calibration between the depth and rgb camera, not sure I’m doing that right as it flips the scene vertically after calibration… But even with doing that right i’m not sure I can figure out the next step of how to align that with the projector.

Any help would be very gratefully received, and I’d be happy to pay someone an hourly rate for assistance if required.
many thanks


Thanks, I have watched that tutorial, and the other one, and every other item of documentation related to the topic I can find anywhere!

I can’t figure out how to adapt that patch from Elliot to work with the kinect2

The NI nodes mostly have kinect2 equivalents, but they output dx11 textures or similar, and the calibration nodes need data type CVimagelink. I don’t know how to translate between the 2 datatypes. I also don’t know what to replace the viewworld node with, is it just cons’ing the RGB and world textures?

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