Help moving spread of data from vvvv beta to many instances of gamma

Hello guys, I am still loving betta for many things, between them are a few patch’s that I need to re write in Gamma, until them, I am force to use beta & gamma at the same time, and I need to share information of a midi controllet + keyboard + a few oscilatos coming out from beta. In beta it was super easy with a few S/R nodes, all my small patches have my main control source available.

Now I am doing small apps in gamma, sending the texture out via spout, but for controll I need a “master” control to all the smalls apps. I did try OSC, but I can not have many receivers under the same port. So I am giving a try to ZeroMQ, but I am getting confused with the bundle/topic format,
I would like some feedback on how to make this better… I think all can be send in one single message…
also, does the “send” should be On all the time, or it should be “banged” on change like when using udp?
Rx.vl (21.1 KB)
LaunchControOSC.v4p (80.3 KB)

You could also look into shared memory, maybe that is an option if the receivers all just read from the shared memory.

@tonfilm Yes, I did use shared memory for other stuff, but as I am using Resolume as “mixer”, I am doing all in spout. but the issue here is not the video , I am looking for a more elegant way to send 1 message with all my values from beta to many gamma instances, at the moment I am doing 3 senders on 3 ports, but I think I should do 1 message that combines all
I can do a comma separated value, but I think there should be a better elegand solution like using bundles in OSC

You can build your packet e.g. raw encoded osc, and just send to all the clients via udp or tcp.

E.g. I have one instance that receives data from multiple controllers then just sends them to the addresses of clients…

About bundling you have to keep one osc encoder and spread inputs, then it does bundling under the hood…

With zero mq I usually have one reciver and one sender and pass raw around…

Also a question you want that in VL or in vvvv

I have a mix setup, V4 is the “sender” or the “master” and I have many instnces of gamma getting that data from 4v
That’s why I can not use UDP, because one instance will be binding a socket to the UDP recive node
You can not have 2 process listeing to the same port on the same pc, and thats the case.

ZeroMQ fix that, all gamma clients connects to my main 4v “server”
I think I will do what you sugested antokio, use ZeroMQ as “transport” layer, and send the data in OSC encoded format, this will work! thanks

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