Help! Mapping Toolkit 2D (reading svg file)

I’m just about to let “Mapping Toolkit 2D” read my svg file so that it can do some mapping work on it, but nothing shows on the renderer.
I’ve looked up every patch related to reading the svg file,
and it seems that SVG_PARSER.v4p has a problem with reading it and giving out proper result for the next step.
Is there anyone who had this kind of problem with using this toolkit or svg file in vvvv?

had a quick look. the contribution comes with demo .svg files. those show something for me. do they show something for you? can you share the .svg that doesn’t work for you?

let’s see if we can get @Joanie_AntiVJ into the conversation. maybe he has an idea.

Thanks for such a fast reply!
I actually have looked up those demo svg files and compared them to my svg files.
and yes, the demo ones do show something they are supposed to show,
but nothing’s gonna show up on the renderer if I change a demo svg file to my svg file in EXAMPLES.v4p.

After a few attempts I fortunately found out that only one or two of my files show up on the renderer:
I just changed or deleted some words in svg file using text editor to make it similar to the demo svg file as much as possible. However the code, I mean, the svg file read in text editor, is too complex for me to fully understand… only figured out that something with the detail of svg file might be a problem.

Could you please look up my two svg files if you don’t mind?

  • Untitled-3_1039.svg - works fine
  • Untitled-3.svg - doesn’t work

Thanks a lot! (1.9 KB)

@mjr22 did you read the last comment from ravazquez on the contribution page? it explains which svg files work when exported from adobe illustrator.

@tonfilm oooops missed that very last line. I should try that. Thanks a lot…!!

Hello !
Sorry my svg parser is buggy, and many svg files or objects don’t show up or load properly.
I’m hoping to be able to dive back and redo a full rewrite in DX11 in the future, @mjr22 keep us posted if you get stuck again, I’ll do my best to check this out !

Thanks for reply!
I know a must-do to use vvvv is to solve bugs and it actually is helping me get to know more about it!(didn’t expect this much tho…lol) It now works quite fine. Thank you for your attention and such a useful work X-D

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