Help - hd nonrealtime av rendering


yesterday i’ve been strugglin the whole day on this, but couldnt find a solution :(

it’s about hd nonrealtime rendering of a soundreactive patch

i did this many times and it worked fine, but not this time…

as always, i’m using the writer nrt together with the doseek trick in the filestream… basically i “manually” scroll the seek position of the filestream frame by frame, with the play and the doseek pins set to 1

the strange problem:

when i try to render hd, it works fine, but in the end when i put the frames together and add the audio file in quicktime, there is quite a big delay in the audio (1 or 2 sec), or maybe the video is early?

the strange thing is that if i render it at half size 640x360, everything works fine in the end…

any ideas?

ok i found a work around, i’m usin the screenshot instead of the writer now and it works fine (but of course i cant render in background)

like this it works fine, so it’s probably related to the writer nrt…

very nice vid :-)
no idea about your problem, though :-(