HELP! For thesis with VVVV versions

Hello devvvvs!

I have a problem with VVVV versions. I would need a working/stable version of VVVV for my thesis and I don’t know how to do it … with every of these versions I have some issues:

In version VVVV45beta25.1:

  • working quite well
  • VLC is working
  • going Fullscreen on two screens renderer becomes gray
  • Text(EX9): some parameters are not spreadable and has less parameters
  • Decons and Store is not in that version

Version VVVV45beta26 is the best working for me at all, but I have issues with:

  • going Fullscreen on two screens renderer becomes gray
  • some nodes (eg. Segment) sucks a lot of performance on parameter change and on open
  • Feedbacks creates problems
  • VLC is working (19/12/2011)

In version VVVV45beta27:

  • Fullscreen is ok
  • nodes are ok
  • has become faster
  • VLC (20/12/2011) creates troubles if I use more than one and crashes if I delete and create one dynamically
  • I have some strange behaviours with CreateNode
  • random crashes

In the latest VVVV45alpha27.1

  • VLC is not working anymore
  • Delaunay (3D) is missing
  • Splines/Particles doesn’t really work for me and other issues

Is there perhaps a version between 26 and 27 which doesn’t have the fullscreen and the parameter change slowdown issues and where VLC works?

Or will there be a new working VLC version for beta27 or alpha27.1?

Why don’t you integrate the VLC player as the standard video node for VVVV?

It’s really frustrating that I have to cut out something in every version…

hei cybear,

i get your frustration, but if those problems:
a) VLC is not working anymore
b) Delaunay (3D) is missing
c) Splines/Particles doesn’t really work for me and other issues
you mentioned for a27.1 are the only ones left i am optimistic.

ad a)
@ft)) will have to rebuild the plugin with this in mind: ((blog:direct3d9-plugin-interface-change
he didn’t yet put his sources on github, so we cannot include it in the addonpack.

ad b)
should be a quickfix for @vux)) as mentioned here: ((/forum-alpha/delaunay-%283d%29-is-missing-in-alpha27.1

ad c)
as described here forum-alpha/splines-particles-dont-work-anymore-in-alpha-27.1 there have been changes to the Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join) that introduced breaking changes in the current alpha. you can workaround those as explained by @woei

so for a) and b) pls bug @ft)) and ((user:vux and for c) we’re at it…

thank you for your response! :)

Have a nice sunday

about b)

seems as they come from old same project, assembly key is the same, so basically just a recompile/

In the mean time If you don’t use the CVStructuralAnalysis, just delete the dll, geom nodes will load no problem.

Thank you for your help vux! For me the greatest Problem is a), that VLC is not working anymore… so I have to use beta26 :(


Patience :)

I will try to find some time to release a more stable version of VLC that runs on beta27 and up in the next few weeks.

Thank you ft!

Geom nodes and Structural nodes now merged, so they wont conflict anymore in next release.

Thank you! I resolved some problems with beta27 but some others are still there…