Help for calculating endpoints of cylinder


I’m stuck with the calculation of the x,y,z points of the cylinders which should form a tree-like structure. I wanted to precalculate the endpoints of the cylinders and attack there new ones depending on the branches and complexity settings.

I transformed the pitch-yaw-length trough cartesian to have the points. I solved it for the y-value (see attached file), but the x and z values gives me problems. I need the sum of the sum of different spread sizes and I don’t
know how to do it. The other problem is that the values have also to be pushed, cut and respreaded again…

Or is there perhaps a simpler solution?

Thank you in advance!

treestructure4.v4p (51.3 kB)

I did it. I resolved the problem on x and z with a feedback loop.

Thank you anyway! :)