HELP! controlling video behavior by keyboard and mouse

vvvv is new to me, but I need to solve a task with vvvv. I need to have a render window in which I can swith between three different videos on three different perspektives. By pressing 1 a quad textured with an video should be looped, by pressing 2 the video should be each shown in 4 screens orderd in 2 rows and 2 column and then by pressing 3 it should be shown in 3 screens in a row. Additionally by pressing the left mouse button on one of the screens, the next video should be played.
Another thing. I have real problems running vvvv, while I’m working on this project, the computer ist really slow, any idea how that is caused?


Check is thread, its sort of a good starting point as he is doing what you looking for.

And have a look at girlspower folder, there’s a patch called granularvideo. And the help patch of linearspread might be of use.