<<<HELP>>> careless use of XFile destroyed particle_systems fileld_texture (permanently)

Hello evvveryone, i was using a modified vrs. of dottore´s PosVelCycle (shader library) and used field_texture for forming and modulating 3d_particles. To fasten system i remembered dottores (incomplete) description at the end of his guide_pdf. Knowing nothing about xfiles i stored the mesh_quad with writer_node in a randomly choosen xfile (soft_cube,lib). As i tried to load back the overwritten xfile (grown big), vvvv crashed and i could not start again without rebooting windows. Renderer and patch_window of affected patches been deformed (very large and displaced). vvvv_patches outside my “developing folder” had been working immediately. Computer, graphics… Patches inside folder the accident happend are dead. But this is not really my problem.

No more field_texture in whole computer is working up to now. Had been downloading different versions of the library::bizarre, 2d version runs as before, in all lib_vers. 3d field_tex. is no more reacting, not building different examples, only diffuse particle_fog.
Has anybody an idea what has happend and how to repair?
Think shaders do not find anymore positions of particles inside the texture. For testing this i wrote new field_ts into nodes without::usnsuccessful, not yet fit enough in hlsl for really complex stuff.

Thanks beforehead.

u had to reboot cause ur graphics card memory limit resulted a driver crash, ur patch size grow cause u saved the same data as ur huge xfile directly in ur patch. It’s not working anymore cause u prolly have shader or whole patch somewhere inside ur vvvv directory, resulting load of incorrect shader. Also check ur root for absence of any particular trash.