"Helo, sorry I cannot start" when running without admin privileges

Hi. I’m in charge of several computers running vvvv. I’ve noticed in some of them, vvvv can’t start without administrator privileges, prompting the message “Helo, I cannot start, please check crack.exe”. I set the compatibility to always open vvvv as admin and it runs ok.

But the machines are operated with a standard account, so I have to manually enter the admin password every time some user opens vvvv and this is pretty cumbersome and time consuming.

Why is that? Why would vvvv require admin privileges (apart from crack.exe)? Is there some obscure requirement not listed in crack.exe? I highly suspect of .NET framework.

Thanks in advance.

Extra info:
Windows 8
vvvv_45beta31.2 32 bits
crack.exe list all items green.

hmm…this message comes under 2 circumstances which should both be covered by the crack:

  • addflow not registerd
  • .net framework not found

please run vvvv /logstartup and paste the content of the .log file thats been created here.

have you extracted vvvv with 7-zip? is vvvv in a systems folder like \programs (x86)? it migh have to do with file access rights. try to extract vvvv with 7-zip and put it into a neutral folder like c:\vvvv\vvvv_beta45…