Hello vvvvsers!

someone have a patch design for Hdr images? i remember one i’ve played with but i can’t found it anymore on hdd and on site.
Could you post it or point me to that patch?

Maybe someone have worked on some other patches for working with HDR images?Share your approches inside vvvv

I think we could make something with HDRI for realtime purposes.

Could be possible to use a spherical HDRI texture on a sphere to have some powerful real-time light rig? i think no,how to use luminance and color information on the 3d world inside? we need a shader to do so, right? aaa shader i have to try to study it.

If you find nothing, here’s a step-by-step guide for programming a hdr-shader in hlsl. Im not sure if its complete, i just stumbled upon it.