Hdmi / dvi

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cheers @mrboni!

to confirm. had 4 15meter HDMI’s in a recent installation.

Moderately noisy environment (a few power + amplified sound cables running to different sections through where the projectors were positioned, no proper power distribution)

Was able to get all signals working without a hitch from the HDMI cables.
1080p (DVI single link full bandwidth) worked repeatedly well although not at all necessary (the projectors would be downscaling to XGA. Eyefinity was favouring that resolution by default).
120Hz XGA also worked without any issues and is quite important to me.
No black pixels / dropouts even at highest resolutions.

£35 per 15meter HDMI cable (discount when buying from Optoma korea)
£75 per 20meter HDMI cable (not properly tested yet)

No rough handling this time (so can’t go any further discussing ruggedness).
No issues with strain relief (i always tape down the cable to strain relief at either end anyway, to prevent something tugging the PC / Projector). Connecting / reconnecting as necessary was ‘satisfying’ and efficient. Also less chance of affecting your projector pose whilst making the connection (wrt dsub).

In general, very confident with it all.
Had to run another installation off 2xVGA which had predictable problems.
Will be aiming for 100% HDMI for the near future

If you can afford SDI/DVIoEthernet/DVIoFibre/etc then you’re commonly in a much better situation.
But if you can get a straight length of cable (no scalers/converters/amplifiers) to work flawlessly, then I always would opt for that due to simplicity, quality and cost.

And at least at 15meters with the cables we got, I can vouch for HDMI’s reliability.