HDI node?

I´m looking for a node that understand HDI data.

There are any way to make VVVV understand these data?

It would be a good feature for the next versions ;)

What is the right way to use PD or max to connect a HDI device and vvvv?? I´m new in this area.


Sorry for my english

do you really mean HDI? i can report that a HID node is under way.

that is very nice to hear!

Yes, you are right, is HID ;)
Good news, the vvvv crowd is making all posible.


Hi there,

is the HID node already implemented?



but GameController (Devices Analog) helps already in many cases.

hum HID node would work perfectly with velleman K8062, as this one is recognized as a HID, and perhaps make it run more quicker in dmx …

i already tested it. it will be great