Having trouble with LoopBe30 to send midi data from Arduino to Ableton

So I am trying to work out how to communicate with Ableton from VVVV. I know that people have been talking about this OSC stuff, but I don’t get it, and I also don’t currently have M4L which seems to be required for it. I am happy to transfer over to using this method if I have to, I would just prefer to use MidiShortOut if possible because I understand it better and for what I need it seems so simple.

My program looks like this rn:

The firmata subprogram works fine - it is only red because I plugged in my Arduino after I opened the program. It is mapping a 1k pot to values between 1 and 127, and sending that to a data in (i don’t know if its the right one, I will be experimenting with that). All of the internal MIDI options in the enum. are LoopBe30 created, but the MidiShortOut turns red when I turn on DoSend regardless of which one I select.

I have tried the stuff with Midi shortcutting to stop it entering into a Midi loop, and I have also tried simplifying the output of the potentiometer to stable integers so that it isn’t sending the slight variations in the real number value the pot is actually sending.

Any help with making this work?

Thanks in advance

Nevermind, I worked it out.
For some reason I needed to go into the midi send tutorial and copy and paste out the midishortout from there to get it to work

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