Has anyone used RGB-IR cameras with VVVV?

Has anyone experimented successfully with computer vision streaming cameras that have both RGB and IR channels in the one sensor, like this one?

I’m currently working on a project where I want to stream footage of a fire performer in realtime while isolating the IR light emitted by fire as a separate image mask. This way I can apply FX to the fire alone without also catching background lights / non fire movement, etc. To do this, I’ve had a working prototype for a while with 2 webcams where 1 captures a full colour stream and the other has a filter that cuts out everything but near IR, and it works fairly well, but there is an inevitable and unwelcome stereo effect from the 2 cameras being at slightly different angles to the scene that makes matching the masks extremely fiddly and tedious, especially when things are happening at multiple distances.

It seems like there are a few cameras with RBG-IR sensors around, but they’re fairly niche and I haven’t been able to find info on whether any of them are capable of streaming into VVVV without writing custom drivers, etc. I figure it’s worth asking to see if anyone else has gotten something like this working & if so, what you used and where I might be able to get it.

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