Hardware specs for work station

After working only with vvvv on bootcamp-ed macs finally i’ve decided to get a pc desktop. I would like to customize it in order to have a nice vvvv work station but I am a rather noob when it comes to know about pc lose components (macs have a fixed hardware) so I was wondering about the hardware specs that are working better for you guys on your own workstations? In terms of video cards I really have a good experience with Nvidia and probably will stick to it because of CUDA, any experience with SLI?, any insights?

Thank you guys, this forum rocks!

The question is generic, $ is a factor (or not?).

i7 2600k
asus motherboard
nvidia gtx5xx

hey io:
money is always an issue, right? ;-), that’s why mac pro is not longer an option to bootcamp.
I was thinking around 2,000 euro.

what about the chip set?

hie efe, actually this topic ( despite its at this end talking about shuttles) is a good actual global view around hardware content :

you will need to get ride of cases aspect but this discussion was very interresting.

here’s a machine I brought recently that rocks for vvvv and will give you 6 display outputs no problem.

CPU - Intel Core i7 960 Bloomfield 45nm. (Over-clocked to 4GHz - clock speed important for vvvv due to no multi-core action)
CPU Cooler - Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme (Needed to over-clock)
MB - Asus P6X58D-E
GPU - nVidia 580 3GB
MEMORY - 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair XMS3 Classic DDR3 PC3-12800