Hardware Setup

Hello there,

i am thinking of buying a new desktop pc.

is it a big performanceboost to have two graphiccards or is vvvv not able to have access to “amd crossfire” or “nvidia sli” and get a performanceboost out of it?



It can use 2 graphics card afaik both in DX11 and DX9 BUT not like in sli or crossfire. You can’t share resources between cards, DX9 / DX11 will automatically recompute resources if they’re needed again AS FAR AS I KNOW. I never tested this I might be completely wrong and you might wouldn’t be able to use multiple gfx’s in vvvv.

hmmm then it would be better to get one which is a bit more expensive instead of two cheaper ones.

would you think this is more safe in terms of performance?

yes definitely.


edit: note to self - refresh pages before hitting reply.

Thanks!! big help for me to not waste money ;)