Hardware recomendations

so the graphics card i wanted to buy is sold out
it was this with 4 full display ports

what are my alternatives. if i would go crossfire/sli there would be no option to span ONE directx renderer across all 4 screnns (at a 200€ budget for the gpu)

also is there a dissadvantage in using AMD vs INTEL CPUs for VVVV since i am on a low budget i think that an AMD would bring me more “raw” performance per €, but are there any Instructions or sth. that VVVV uses that would speak against AMD ?


another question.
how will i go about 4 composite video ins.
can i use 4 cheap usb to composite capture card (thoes advertised for "captureing your old vhs tapes ?)

better to have one internal that supports 4 input’s
look for datapath or osprey (cheaper and from 210 model have de-interlacing in driver)

I think I have to reanimate this Thread by asking dumb questions. ;x

Im planning to buy a pc for vvvv experiments CPU will be an i7 of some sort.

Wondering about advantages/disadvantages between ATI and NVIDIA

From what ive read ATI is way better handling Multiscreen Setups, my question is: Are there any disadvantages?

Disadvantages ive read about with ATI:
Ive seen some posts about Shaders not working on ATI Cards and Wyphon, Texturesharing, VVVV to Freeframe GL do not seem to work with ATI.

So would the best alternative be a Nvidia Card with many outputs and a lot of schmalz? Would it perform as well as an Eyefinity card with High-Res Multiscreen setups? Multiple renderers have caused problems for me in the past. Any positive experiences with any Card/(s)? GTX780? SLI Setup?

bo27’s particle video got me wondering about Ati…

My personal experience is that I won t buy ATI anymore, now that nVidia supports multi-heads setups in a single card, btw I am selling an HD6950 modded to HD6970, anybody interested? :)

hehe, im using it, i am quite pleased.
is your card also hangung down in its slot a lot ?

No my card (Club3D CoolStream) seems to fit ok on its slot. I don t mean ATI are bad or anything just they that if some very specific setups they can be a bit a PITA, for the rest you usually get best performance for less $$.

Thanks for the info.

So my choice is now Nvidia, between expensive and not soooo expensive ;i

Grafikchip: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
Speicher: 4.0 GB
Speicherbus: 256 Bit

Grafikchip: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
Speicher: 3.0 GB
Speicherbus: 384 Bit

My question is: Would a 780 be completely overkill? Would I benefit from the +1GB Videoram of the 680?

Would a cheaper solution be sufficient ( not making any difference? )

I want to invest just enough to be on a hardware level where I can savely say “Ok if its not running well on this machine, then im doing something extremely stupid & wrong in vvvv :)”