Hardware needed for MIDI -> Control LED

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I am going to make some buttons that will talk over MIDI to VVVV.
I am using the Doepfer CTM64 Contact To MIDI Interface.

Now, it would be cool to mount some control LEDs next to the button (or above) that I can also controll over MIDI by VVVV, but kind off lost what device I need for that, or the type off LEDs need. Hehe… I can build an entire LED wall over DMX, but I cannot control a LED over MIDI.

It has to be MIDI, because the only thing near those buttons/LED’s is a MIDI device (computer is safely locked away, and I don’t want to have any more cables!!)

Realy hope some off the genuises here can help me!! :)

hi west

what about this one:


or use the midibox hardware platform (much more cooler):

you need at minimum the core module and the dout module to drive the leds… but if you go for this solution i would replace the doepfer solution comlpletly and use the rest of the midiboxmodules as well :)

there are also prebuilt kits to buy:
and here:

Hi West,

Midibox rocks, I ordered some ready to build kits from www.avishowtech.com (SmashTV) the pcbs were really nicely done and assembly took no time at all.

I am such a MIDI noOb, so I think I stick with the Doepfer one, because I understand it.
I have soooo much to learn and to figure out that I realy don’t want to learn any more about basic electronics ;)

Thnx for the advise all!!