Hardware considerations for projection mapping

My company is developing an exhibit which uses projection mapping rendered from vvvv. I am trying to determine the best hardware to use as the exhibit machine.

The patch I’m running has to output to three projectors at 1280X720 each stacking vertically for a total coverage of 1280X2160. Give or take a bit for overlap and blending the edges. I also have a flash UI running outside vvvv in a 4th output which sends commands to determine content projected. I have three file streams for content; two video and one audio.

In General: The best option I think from research.

Single GPU capable of required resolution and triple switch: This seems like my best bet since I can treat the three projectors as one device and thus avoid problems like ensuring multiple file streams are in sync when seeking. Also, have experimented with boygrouping, but trying to keep the budget lower than two machines and two vvvv licenses.

However I haven’t worked with triple heads before so I was hopping for some general feedback. Thanks in advance for any experience or advice.

How easy is it to setup edge blending when using a triple head?

Is there any added difficulty when stacking outputs vertically with a triple head as opposed to the more conventional horizontal like the multi-monitor setups these devices are designed for?

Any GPU recommendations from experience would be great as well.

Many thanks.

triplehead2go is fine for the job, but i’d go for a nvidia surround (easier setup, often cheaper) in your case: 3 equal outputs in spanmode and a fourth to do whatever. also ati might be a cool low budget solution, but i have no hands-on experience with them.

concerning your questions about horizontal or vertical spanning- it simply does not matter, because in vvvv you render into distinct viewports (in your case the projectors). whatever arrangement you set at a driver level, you mimik with Multiscreen (EX9). it all shows in a single renderer, and each of its three viewports can be filled individually, according to your scene.

i bougth a N670 2 weeks ago, its a awesome videocard, capable of 3 outputs at 1920x1080 , even more…
i would recomend a motherboard with 2 pcie, a cheap videocard for your control and a N670 that will be around the same price of a TripleHead but with much more benefits. I was able to use 2 dvi + 1 hdmi. I still need to test the dysplay port adapter, i read in some forums that i can output 4 at the same time, but still not sure.

Edge blending its made from VVVV with multiscreen node, or you can do it manualy with a png file.

Long story shots, if you have a cpu already, get a triple head , if not, get a 2 pcie motherboard with a n670 or higher

Thanks to velcrome and vjc4. I really appreciate the advice. It’s always good to get first hand accounts before buying.

just don’t forget to license vvvv ;)

Wouldn’t dream of it. Tremendously pleased with vvvv, not least of all the ability to experiment with it first. Purchase list goes to the client sometime next week, vvvv at the very top.