HAP support for VLC announced?

HI There,
Did you also hear already that HAP codec is now supported in VLC?
Currently the nightly builds only https://nightlies.videolan.org/build/win64/vlc-3.0.0-rc1-20171204-0540/

I heard that via facebook and the only source is this image where i can not find the real thread:

So this might possible replace / be an alternative to the newly developed HAP Player?

Just wanted to shortly create this thread. No time for testing. But maybe someone else want to give it a try?


i have to state, that i never used vlc for professional stuff… it always felt unprecise and uneliable.
synced playback seemed completely impossible the last time i gave it a test-run…

if that didn’t change, imho vlc is only suitable for very few cases.

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@sebl no, but the preview situation is bad in windows

I guess sebl was solely referring to its vvvv node.

yeah but dont think its so bad.
Used VLC many times in all sort of scenario.
Maybe with HAP support it can be still a good option if you want to play many larger video files at once.

Is just the question if it works. someone need to test it :P

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Yup, it works, and with alpha channel no less!

Just go download a 3.0 release candidate here: http://nightlies.videolan.org/

Unzip it, and copy all the .dll files into the DX11\nodes\plugins\vlc folder, replacing the existing ones, then delete/rename the existing plugins folder and copy the new 3.0 vlc\plugins folder over.

Then enjoy HAP alpha goodness with FileStream (DX11.texture VLC). Note these VLC libs are nightlies, and while RCs, you probably want to thoroughly test before putting in production. (And I have used FileStream VLC 24/7 for months with no problems; frankly it has been way more reliable than the native FileStream DShow9.)

You can get some HAP alpha files to test here: http://vdmx.vidvox.net/blog/spirals-new-free-video-clip-pack


Oh, and I had to uninstall any 2.x versions of VLC so the 3.0 libs would work. Worked straight away on a system that had never had VLC installed. And this was with 35.8_x64 and DX11 1.1.

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Awesome @mediadog
Thats fantastic news,

yes. here it works too. just a proper loop handling is still a problem for VLC.

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