Hang projector with 3 steel cables

Hallo has anybody tried to hang a projector on a platform hang with 3 steel cables?
We need to place 4 projectors on mid-air possibly with some amount of movement for adjustment.
There a metal columns we can use to tie the cables and they are pretty solid.
Never tried that before, any hint/idea?

Use a wooden\aluminium\etc board, and screw the projector to it. Then use those screws that have double heads each with a ring and a body that let the heads to rotate; one head fixed to the board, the other bound to the cable. Rotate last one for fine tuning.

Simple, cheap and clean.

it’s called turnbuckle. and better to have 4-point rigging.

Yes I am pretty used to do some weird installation but no I didn t know the proper name for the turnbuckle.
Anyway … my main fear is that the at some point this thing may move, for example with the eat of the day (we can get to 40C) or during the shows.
Why 4 points? Aren t 3 points easier to get onto a plane?

@DiMiX Well at least now I know how it’s called in English. Now on to the Italian.

@io I think they are also self threading.

Four is better because the side with only one cable will roll, unless perfectly installed. Also you would more easily experience yaw and\or pitch events (in case of wind for example; I know you’re doing this inside, but better point it out).
Not to say that if one cable gives up, you’ll be so grateful you subscribed that insurance module.

It’s true, a triangle is always on a plane, while a quadrangle not, but this is of no relevance in your scenario.

So we ended up using a normal projector hanging staff to an angle and a very thin steel cable to keep it on that angled position

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