Handling multiple screens from one machine

Hey everyone.

Technical question.
I know that getting visual content from one computer to max. 3 screens is possible with a triplehead to go.
Is there some device that could handle even more screens? I am talking about 6 or 7 screens, probably with vga connector as they should be older, cheaper ones.

Or to put it like that: What devices do i need to get something like this running: http://i-cdn.apartmenttherapy.com/uimages/unplggd/060908_sz_sixscreen.jpg?

Needless to say that I’d like to output graphics from vvvv to that ‘videowall’. So it should be usable as one big screen i guess.

looking forward to your replies!

You could connect two triplehead2go to a dualhead gfx card.

Sounds logical.

How do you handle screens with different resolutions using the tripleheads?
Would you create 6 separate renderers in vvvv or only one?

I would strongly recommend not to use different resolutions among the screens. The solution utilizing two Th2G wouldn’t work then anyways. Regarding the renderer it depends wether you are on XP or Vista/Win7. On XP there is the “span mode” option available in Windows to sum up both gc heads to one virtual workspace/renderer. Not that easy in Win7 - only with some hacks AFAIK. The Th2G itself pretends to be one wide screen, so you have two of them you need to handle.

It is possible??? I thought there would be no way. Could you send a link?

you culd get an eyefinity GPU, one of the recent ones and then run the screens from that.

note that regardless of the kind of the way you do it, all projectors must accept the same resolution. eyefinity and spaned desktop only work with displays of the same type.

if it was me, I would probably go for an eyefinity card, get a displayport monitor for patch and then span a triplehead from each of the DVI outputs.


Thanks for the input guys.

One more thing i’d like to throw in the room.
There’s also a way of daisy chaining crt monitors to get a display matrix. Saw that in shopping malls before.
How that works is roughly described here http://www.digitalsignageblog.com/2008/08/20/digital-signagehow-do-i-create-a-video-wall/.

Has anyone experience with that?
What device provides the video signal in that case?

So there is no hack on Nvidia cards to get fullscreen spanned in windows 7?

Hi, i want to control 9 pal (720x576) tv monitors (s-video) from one pc. I decided to buy an intel i7 2600k with two ssd’s (one for windows, one for video playback) and one eyefinity 6 graphics card, for that i want to use 3 mviewtech tripleheads. Anyone has some experience with such a setup and pal-resolution (i want to use 9 vga-s-video converters at the end), or some ideas for a better setup that allows to use 9 - 12 pal-tv-monitors?


scanconverters only option i guess, if your tv’s have scart you can try thouse
but i never tested them


Optoma one, but that’s from scart to svideo and vga probably

I have got a couple of these: http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B003U0PHC8/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00

i hope they will work at the end of eyefinity - mvietech :-)

i also have one of these 20€ “scan converters”. powered by an USB cable. It has some delay and the frame flow is not perfect… but you can zoom ab bit and do some brightness/contrast and other image corrections…

I think these adaptors above only work with special graphic cards that outputs composite on the D-SUB.

I also have the intenbtion to connect several monitors on one machine. I baught some Matrox G2 Quad (very cheap in the meantime - hopefully not too slow…) cards and will test them soon in my new i5 (hard to find a modern mainboard with 3 old PCI slots :) ) machine - still waiting for the DHL man :)
So… if the shit is working i can do funny things on 12-15 Monitors/Projectors ;)

I will report… ;)

finally i use three matrox triple dp edition and nine mini-dp to av-video converters to broadcast to my old pal tvs… (and also cheap dp to mini-dp cable)


(got them in local shop in china for around 22 euros/pc.) works smooth…