Handling attractor in tracking

hi. ihave a trouble of approach:

tracking is done thruth camera with light corridors:
the hand enter in lighting, appears in contour, and moves images.
this patch show here how i m handling when the hand get out of the light ( nil ) and enables to fix definitively the tracked item.
now what i m stubbling on is How to free specificly ONE item if the hand get out of the light but didn t let the item in the desired place.
this, from 2 way: patch on off
OR by detection of gesture: 2 times in light in 1second for example ?

surely this is simple…

by the way: using pin preview on camera generates error message in TTY , is it normal ?


tracking nuages.zip (229.9 kB)

oh my dear friend…

the contour has an ID outlet. but what do you want to achieve with this one connected to the HUE of a HSL (Join) ???

maybe the IDoutlet can help you. see the user tutorials for a fiducial tracking tutorial; it contains a module “GetID”. it’s not really clear to me what you want to do but i think this will help you.

hi kalle. i leted completely the getid id, as its not enough precise to know wich thing is doing what. well it was with tbeta and tuidecoder, and it was bluescreening trash …
now its sounds ok just to get with one hand images…

OR by detection of gesture: 2 times in light in 1 second for example ?
wich means I m out ( NIL ) 2 times in one second ?

good to read u , kalle