GUI Refresh (and Sluggish)

+1 for u7angel

agree, +1 u7

I do not agree, that this is good grounds for a fundamental critique like that.

Please wait for that till the fat lady stopped singing (which should be no earlier than April, no?)

What most of the latest bugs are about is strictly GUI related, it does not really touch any of the other stuff. They were introduced, when the devs took up the challenge of the dpi-awareness, a much-requested user feature.

Now the IOBoxes are way heavier, the gui slower, etc. This is pretty bad, yes, but not grounds for asking the devvvvs to change their basic roadmap.

That said, please fix the fking gui! :D

dear velcrome, the emphasis is on “my oppinion” and “i’d prefer”…right? devs will know if this is a valid review or not…and if not, its fine to ignore it ;)

April, will come an alpha, I would guess, and maybe an early alpha at that… Depends how long it takes to fix the gui hehe ;)

nothing against voicing your opinion. just wanted to say mine when I saw all the +1 ;)

re @vux 2/ioboxes (not dragging of nodes!): please test latest alpha and report back. thanks to your little testpatch we found something there and speed when changing an ioboxes value should be back up to pre 32.

also @kalle this could solve the problems you described. can you check and report please?

sry for late response.
i recreated the hardware situation to be sure about watching the (un)wanted phenomenons.

herewith i can confirm that
*this gui-performance-dropoff in beta32.1 respektive to the older b31.2 was reproduceable
*same phenomenon was gone with today’s latest alpha (33948654f)
*same phenomenon was gone with alpha (83777124c1) which was the oldest accessable alpha close to your reply

the alphas spit some exceptional errors which can be ignored via “OK and hide”
i assume this is just cosmetical.


good to hear. re exceptional errors the question would be if you run the same patch in b32.1 with ExceptionDialog enabled (via main-menu) do you get the same errors? if those are new errors in latest alphas then it would be great to get hands on the patch that spits them.

re @vux 1 (ioboxes loosing their face): latest alpha should have that improved. please report…