GUI Radio button and Slider Mainloop hogging

Attached patch shows that if you interact with the radio button or slider plugins you get ticks in your frame rate, not nice for live interfaces!

Shows mainlopp ticking with GUi elements (35.5 kB)

hello cat, this is very strange indeed. i can observe a different behavior when i run your patch in the current beta31 or our current develop state of vvvv. could you please test it with the current alpha download?

in beta31 the radio button node seems to be the problem. when you delete it the patch behaves as expected on my machine. you could mimic the radio button node with a toggle button node as it also has the active pin and patch the quad highlight yourself.

there is only a very short glitch on mouse release which is always there. this is because the gui nodes save their current state in config pins. we could think of a flag which prevents this, or only stores the values if you bang a certain input…

Ah, now a pin to stop the updating would be good, as I like my sliders to default to 0 not whatever they were when I last saved the patch, as generally when I use a gui, I also save presets, and I don’t like ticks in the output very time I touch a fader!
I’ve just used hittest and made a plugin to do the radio slicing, get me, coding, almost…!
The radio button was where I had the greatest issue, think I’ve reported it before, a while ago ;)

on my system, there is a dramatic frame rate drop from 60 to around 24 when holding down the mouse button. I can’t really read from this if this was part of the description of the error

yes, that’s the weird thing… the framerate drop to 24 fps when you hold the mouse. can you test this with the latest alpha? for me this only happens with beta31.

on my machine it drops to 30fps instead of 24fps in the latest alpha

EDIT: when pressing left mousebutton anywhere in the renderer, not just over the buttons

ok, that’s even more weird… can you confirm that this is fixed as soon as you delete the RadioButton node?

yes, when I delete RadioButton there is no frame rate drop when pressing the mouse.

there are still the stutters that could correspond to the states being saved