GS8208 DC12V Individual Pixel LED

The GS8208 is a new type of individual pixel digital led chip,but it can work with dc12v power directly,
this make it can be install in most lighting projects,
but i never try with the realtime software beofe,will need what kind of artnets and controller?
I want to make some HID video with high density individual pixel led strip.

acording to the datasheet you can control it by a UCS1903 or WS2811 protocol, I did not found any working solution for the first one, but for WS2811 /WS2812 you have a lot of options
you can either purchase a artnet board or build it yourself with arduino / esp8266

I would recomend this one
If you want to go with arduino, check out
Or with a teensy you can get up to 8 x 600 pixels, but only using Jinx, but Jinx can recive vvvv texture via spout


I highly recommand KingDMX, LeDMX4 Pro, you can drive 1360 pixels RGB split at 340 pixels each output. You can configure it with a little software (eDMX Configuration Utility) you can change IP, protocols for LEDs, there are also a real dmx output ! :-)

In Vvvv, you will use this node : DMX (Network Artnet Sender) for one univers.


The controller that controls sk6812 led,it still control can be controlled by SPI and DMX,both play video.
GS8208 Datasheet:

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