Growth FX - Russian Salad

Hi bo, hi unc,
i’d like to use Growth FX from Russian Salad.
but the for me it seems like “Bang” for start of “Growth” is set fixed (random time 15 -25 sec?). Is it possible to “pin out” the bang, so i can do manually?
cheers, dimi

Hey Dimix,

I’m using this shader a lot for a project at the moment but I don’t get what you need by “pin out the bang”. Can you be a little more precise ?


hi clone,
in my try the shader has three states

  1. starting with reset BANG- tFeed texture dissolving
  2. tFeed texture starts growing and gets brighter
  3. no input (or texture changes) - texture turns to white (helpfile case)
    you cant see it in helpfile, cause texture input permanently changing

for me would be nice to have control over the time for phase one
cause i cant really figure out what (time? texture input?) forces start the phase two

edit: OK it’s not a bang- it’s texture input changes the shader behavior,
but still a bit guessing what exactly produces spreading of texture

hi DiMiX sorry - super busy now, will play with it couple days later

Hi Dimix,

well as far as I know there is nothing to control the time on the growth shader so you could use the Echo shader to have it a bit slower.

after playing a bit around i see that the gradients parameters of feeding texture influence a lot the shader behavior and maybe “inside dynamic” as well.
thx for hint, i will try smth with feedback

spreading of texture is produced by mask content
each pixel would spread to its neighbors, if mask pixel allows it

if mask is fully white, texture fills with max speed
if it’s a labyrinth image or something, it may take quite a while for it to fill the whole “path”

hi unc
thanks a lot for clearance
i assume “mask content” is the texture connected to tMSK?
and is there a way to avoid “final spreading” to fully white if no inpit for tFeed? or maybe maybe i can change spreading to fully black?
p.s. fancy to make?

it needs to be rewritten actually, with different growth techniques etc

p.s. can do that with no coding now) and probably more flexible here in v4

ColorRamp_demo.v4p (18.4 kB)

Dimix, yes indeed the gradient influence a lot. So I use only a sharp contour, easier to control the growth effect at the moment.

man, u’re fast
thanks for blending of gradients with 0 alpha

i did a small subpatch with Growth and i was not able to start the main patch again > every single time crashing. it took a while to find out that Growth was in trouble to output the first frame. i guess it’s same feedback issue. so again Monoflop-workaround for the cases concerned.

would be great to have in v4 kind of fluid-simulation shader

nothing groundbreaking, but anyway real-time FX

Yeah, 2d fluid solver would be super nice here… but I really suck at math

Made a new growth effect (from scratch), and here is a demo for some of you who cant wait till next addonpack release :) (979.6 kB)

tasty!.. no text …

thx to unc for the 2 demos! very helpful.

hi unc,
thanks, as always very-very well done.
my GraCa sweating at 60 fps
just the thought: you give the same name to totally different FX, so following the old Growth will be replaced(in addon, or whatever). And i find its a shame, cause old Growth is also very useful.
sometimes your new version is not just better, but very different. e.g. Garbage, Displace etc
maybe it’s time to add versioning: Growth_v2 (EX9.Texture Filter).v4p & Growth_v2.fx
P.S. im in love with Garbage_v10


I tried the demo but I’ve got nothing happening. I can just see the brush getting random position but the final renderer is totaly black. No red nodes, no shader compiling error.

reload the jpeg maybe ?

reloading helps.
extremely cool thanks for sharing!

yes, it was just a reload problem… thanks.

Nice effect indeed.