ui, hard thing to do the first topic…

i built something like a spread that grows:
the current slice morphes from the value of the previous one to the wanten value, then the whole thing switches to the nex slice…

so, please, some critizism, ways to do that easier…


GrowSpread (Spreads).v4p (12.1 kB)

a help file will be helpfull , to understand your module .


here it is: (3.7 kB)

yeah , it s cool , i make something very similar , some month ago , for make some growing plants

the only problem was to do some branches to create the same module but spreadable. I have never find a solution …
But cool module

funny, i’m working on the same problem for weeks now…

guess i got hung up somewhere between problems with spreaded vertices (how to spread the index equivalent?) and spreaded delay (sliceorderproblem).

what about exchanging patches?


The forum topic was here
but the link to the patch, has disapear … , some forum bug
I have not the patch here
But it s the same system than your patch
Just i take some random slice in the spread to attach the “flowers”

Hi woei, I tried your module and it works really cool. But I have a problem.
I combined two growspreads (using get slice and insert slice) and the whole spread isn’t really growing due to one or two slices whom value are inferior to precedent slices, so those annoying values appear to early. The result is a rope wich “get back” on itself.
I added a Sort nod but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Any idea?
Thanks by advance, and congratulations for your work (I’ve been waiting for this GrowSpread for a looong time!)

hej JC,

could you just post your patch (or the important part of it)? I’ll have a look at it then, coz i couldn’t quite figure out what you meant.

by the way. grow & shrink module is done. just the helppatch is missing yet. in case anyone needs it just contact…

Errr… you can forget my post, I just forgot to connect a couple of pins, hum… ahahah! sorry

Hi people,

I’m messing around with that growspread thing, and encounter strange behaviour with linear growth…

1)Values don’t really respect linearit (2 or more slices equal)
2)2nd slice changes again as soon as the whole spread is done.

Does anybody have a trick?


Kolon.rar (4.0 kB)