Groups and efficiency?

Hi there, I’m an absolute newbie and I’m just starting with basics and trying to build from there.

I’m inputting 16 videos from my hard disk, arranged in a grid that I will then project onto a wall. Each is looping a 300 by 300 video of 3 seconds.

So far it seems to be working how I want but I feel that maybe it’s a little bloated. I have a lot of Group nodes into another group node into more group nodes and a lot of 2Dtransforms to position them…

So my questions are:
1.) When I create a Group (EX9) Node it has 2 Layer inputs, but in the Help Example it has 3 Layer Inputs. How do I choose how many inputs to have in my Group node?

2.)Is there a better quicker way to build what I have done in the interest of learning?

Thanks very much, and thanks for such a great tool!

VideoGrid.v4p (85.8 kB)

hai ded,

ad 1) do you know herrn inspektor? some nodes like the Group (EX9) have configuration pins that are only visible via the inspektor. here for example you can change the groups input pin count.

ad 2) yes, see Cross (2d) and make sure you understand about Spreads in general.

you’ll face the problem that as one of the view nodes FileStream (DShow9) is not spreadable. you could Cons (EX9.Texture) 16 videotextures together for a start though…

Great, thanks for the tips I’ll look into learning all the stuff you mentioned!

So putting all the video textures into a COns node would be better?

you can try the videotexture-cons thing but am not sure if playing back 16 individual filestreams really makes sense. couldn’t you put them all in one file? or say in 4…having always 4 sidebyside…

Thanks for the help joreg!

I want to create a grid that’s 1080 by 1080 made up of 16 - 270 by 270 videos.
Each video will be 3 seconds long and looping.

So far with your help I’ve got this, which is great! And it seems to be playing back at 25 fps.

My next stage is that I want to set up a webcam. People will then hit a button and it’ll record a 3 second clip which will get saved to harddisk and will then get added to this grid removing the oldest one.

So eventually the whole grid will be little webcam clips that will constantly get added as other people create clips.

Phew. So at the minute I’ve got my webcam working live so I’m just trying to figure out if I can use an IO Box to act as a button to make all this happen. I’m sure I’ll be asking many more questions :)


also make sure to check out Queue (EX9.Texture). recording to and playing back a from a texture buffer may be more viable than writing that many videos to disk and trying to play them back.

perhaps the vlc-plugin may speed up things or simplify them