Griffen Powermate USB use button as input to vvvv?

I have an editting wheel, tat is basically one big clickable button that can also act as a sort of middle mouse scroll wheel.

All I want to do is use the button as a very obvious input device for users, ie, click the button.

I can get mouse button clicks and keyboard keys to register in vvvv, but how do I go about using this?

The Griffin Powermate software should open the opportunity to set the function of the Click as whatever you want. Say in the Griffin Software you want that pressing the Powermate is a Mouse Click and receive it over the mouse node.
I don’t know if that does not work…

Hi yeah, I think it’s an incompatibility issue with Windows 7, I can’t get the click to work outside of vvvv anyway so no hope of using it in vvvv. Shame!

So then I don’t know a solution…

@guest not sure about understanding

you cant simulate keyboard press ?
if it doesnt enter inside VVVV try to use GlovePie it will generate anything you want

Hi there, sorry let me try and word it better.

It can mouse click outside vvvv and mimic a key press with my USB device, it works fine. In vvvv this also works fine as in I can select a node by using the USB device emulating a left mouse click
even though vvvv is obviously letting me Mouse click or enter text with this USB device, Mouse (System Global) or Keyboard (System Global) don’t actual register that it’s working?

GlovePie? Where can I find this?
dont know if griffith is supported in glove pie, but your trouble seems more a trouble from the driver. is there any setup for configurating your griffith thing working properly ?
i had troubles previously with mouse from wacom tablet, and that was changed by seting up its properties

Well I know lots of people have trouble with Griffin and Windows 7,it seems alright but I’m guessing it’s not perfectly working so I’ll give the glovepie thing a go, thanks!

GlovePie seemed so promising! Unfortunately it doesn’t recognise the Griffin Powermate.

It’s strange because the Powermate works fine outside of vvvv, in it’s setup you can have a click of it be a mouse click a keyboard press etc… all of this works in windows, notepad etc… and it works in vvvv it’s just that Mouse (System Global) or Keyboard (System Global) don’t actual register the mouse click or key press that a clcik on the Powermate is emulating.

hum you may ask to Karl directly if he can do a quick hack

doesn’t HID (Devices) recognize your Griffindor?

and: do you like to stay anonymous? ;)

Absolute genius!

Works perfectly. For all those trying to get the click of a Griffen Powermate to work inside vvvv, as kalle suggests:

HID - Set the device tab to Griffen Powermate, Enable it, output pin from Output into the input pin of HIDDecode and then the Rotational X Axis jumps up whenever you click so you can use this to trigger stuff.


ps. I prefer to be anonymous, it adds to the air of mystery

tsss tsss… once again a super hero is using VVVV… don’t know why Warner Bross obliges them to keep secret their id…

is that you again Brad Pit?