Grideditor don't shows points in edit mode

it’s strange,
we tested the grideditor (helppatch) with 3 computers, and only one is able to display points in edit mode. The other 2 computers don’t show it. The strange thing is that the pointeditor persistent help patch (the same pointeditor inside the grideditor) shows the point correctly in edit mode. Someone has any hint about it?

fixed. somehow.
pls put the attached modules folder into your vvvv directory and replace the old files.
included in next vversion or addonpack.

Bug details:

It somehow refused to work in renderers with depth buffer.
The solution was to play with the Depth Bias value of the ZWriteEnable nodes. Mysterious thing is that the Depth Bias value has an effect even when in mode “Always”.

note to devvs: Maybe we have a directx bug and therefore a vvvv bug or find a case where this behaviour is intended. We need to keep an eye on this. (33.2 kB)

thx gregs, vvvvery appreciated help ;) i download it immediately :)